Monday, 16 April 2012

Laman Grill - The Taste of Chef Zubir

     Laman Grill steak and barbecue house located in Seksyen 13 Shah Alam, Selangor. A place where people gathered at night whether for dinner or seeing friends. The attraction of people to this place also influenced by the availability of Laman Grill restaurant, a fine dining restaurant that is owned by Chef Zubir bin Md Zain. Rarely people who obsessed with food did not recognize him because he is well-known and talented chef in Malaysia. For those who doesn't know him should watch the Masterchef reality TV show. He is one of the Chef in charge as a judge in the show. He also works at the Le Meridien Hotel as the Executive Sous Chef.
     The restaurant are well furnished with the nice and detail design. The ambiance really comfortable and inviting. For those who want to enjoy a more leisure type dining can sit outside of the restaurant and for those who want a more romantic or formal dining can sit inside of the restaurant. Enough with the sneak peak and lets continue to focus of this article that is the taste of Chef Zubir touch.
     My first experience here is during my last education trip to this restaurant. The real objectives is to see how a fine dining restaurant operates but the my own private objective is to get to taste the food. Now let's move on. My course that night was Braised BBQ US beef short ribs. The best western dishes I had ever tasted so far in my life. The meat was so tender that I do not need any extra effort to chew it. It is so delicious and really a good bargain. The price RM49.50 at first for me a bit pricey as I am only a student but somehow after taken a bite it really make it worth every penny that I spent. For the food lover I am pretty sure that you won't regret about it. Just try it and you will know the feeling that I have been through. Moreover this is a signature dish of this restaurant and I am really glad that I chose it. The beef is served with barbecue sauce with Australian romaine-pear salads. The sauce really complement with the food. The portion actually quite big and I think most of you may find it sufficient. I got a pretty big tank but for me it is a well portioned meal.
     After that marvelous course I went for the dessert. I chose Tiramisu made from mascarpone cheese and the sponge is soaked with coffee flavor. It is quite a dish. I really enjoy it although I do not really like sweet item. The taste is awesome with coffee taste and cheese really make it a good combination. Nice texture and well decorated makes it more irresistible. The price is RM 12.50 and it is a good choice for dessert.
     Just go and try it and you will know whether it is a good bargain. My first experience somehow really not sufficient and I really need to go and try for another time. Still a lot to taste in this restaurant. That is all from me and last from me you really should try it.



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